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11 Fantastic Sources of Potassium That You Can Add to Your Diet Today

4,700 mg of potassium per day is what the U.S. government guidelines recommend. However, some medical experts (For example: Dr. Steven Pratt) strongly suggest that we need as much as 8,000 mg  per day. Here are 11 fantastic sources of potassium that you can add to your diet right now.

#11  Butternut squash… 1 cup cooked yields 582 mg of potassium 

Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash/Sourced from:

#10 1 cup of blackberries yields 282 mg of potassium


#9  1 medium bananas provides 422 mg

Bananas/Sourced from:

#8  2 cups of raw spinach provides 334 mg  of potassium + you can pretend to be popeye!

Raw Spinach
Raw Spinach: Sourced

#7  1/2 cup of cooked lentils yields 475 mg 

Lentils/Sourced from:

#6  1 oz of raw almonds provides 198 mg 

Raw almonds
Raw almonds/sourced from:

#5  1 cup of delicious strawberries provides you with  252 mg 

Strawberries/ sourced from:

#4  1 cup of sweet, yummy  cantaloupe yields a whopping 494 mg potassium

Cantaloupes/sourced from:

#3  4 large Figs provides your body with 541 mg 

Fresh figs
Fresh figs/sourced

#2  1/2 medium avocado is packed with  439 mg 

Avocado/sourced from:

#1 1 cup of cooked sweet potato provides the ultimate punch with 950 mg 

Sweet potatoes
Sweet Potatoes/sourced

The body does warn us when potassium levels are low. Signs to watch for include low energy, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat, and weakness. If you find yourself exhibiting any of these symptoms, you should visit your physician. Remember to consult with him or her before adding any potassium rich food to your eating plan, and particularly if you suffer from kidney disease.

If you can, eat these fruits and veggies when they’re in season. They’ll taste better, and probably be easier on the pocket book!