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10 Guerrilla Parking Jobs in Korea

#10 Korean police give out the parking tickets. Great role models, eh?

Korean Police Setting the Standard
Korean Police Parking/Photo Credit: Robbie Graves Wyckoff

#9 6th Floor paid parking…WHY, when I can block the road!

Parking Korea Style
Who needs to park on the 6th Floor and pay!/Photo Credit:Damien Gabrielson

#8 What a pretty parking spot, and look it’s right outside my favorite phone store! 

Parking Korea Style
What a pretty parking spot!!/Photo Credit:PatrickM.Guilfoyle

#7  I wonder who painted those strange signs? Gee, the spots are empty, so I’ll just park across them!

What's that strange sign?
What are those strange signs?

#6 Any fires will wait until after lunch. I’ll just pinch this nifty little parking spot. 

No Fires Today in Korea.
No Fires Today in Korea.

#5 Opps…Wrong Way to the parking, maybe?

Parking Korea Style
Opps! The other UP/Photo Credit: Alicia Bumpus

#4 Why not? Lots of room for the cars and buses to wiggle by! 

Let's park in the yellow lines!
Let’s park on the yellow lines!

#3 Pay the ransom and this parking spot is yours!

Parking Korea Style
Pay Up and this parking spot is your!

#2 Park and Play!

Parking Korea Style
We can sit in the car and smoke while the kids play!


#1 This parking job defies everything imaginable about parking? How? Why? 

The Ultimate Korea Parking Fail?
The Ultimate Korea Parking Fail!